Grow the profitability of your restaurant with Smart Menu

The first digital menu that changes dynamically depending on your demand level and customers

If you have different customer profiles every day, why offering always the same?

DynamEat uses Dynamic Pricing and Smart Menu strategies to get the most profitability for your restaurant. To do so, we change your menu every day depending on the demand.

Thanks to Dynamic Pricing and Smart Menus you will be able to increase your profitability by 30%

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is a new sale strategy for restaurants where prices change constantly depending on different variables like the forecasted demand, contribution margin or even the speed at which each dish is served.

Prices as dynamic as your customers

Its called Dynamic Pricing because they are adapted to your costumer’s needs and demands.

What is a Smart Menu?

The digital transformation together with the extent usage of digital menus by customers have allowed restaurants to have a menu that gets fully personalized depending on customer needs while enabling the maximum profit for the restaurant.

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