A smart tool to get the best results

Airlines and hotels have been using Dynamic Pricing for the past 40 years getting a strong increase in profitability by adapting their offer to the demand

Adapting the order, the price and the visibility of their products to the customer and the demand

Our target:
Maximize profitability for your restaurant while having the best customer service

DynamEat’s Artificial Intelligence is based, among others, in 6 variables to adapt your menu every day.

During high demand days, DynamEat allows you to have a more efficient menu, showing just those dishes that are the fastest to be served, with the most margin and highest demand.

A simple and intuitive platform

Just three steps to get the best personalized menu for your restaurant

Forecasted diners for the week.
Splitting between lunch and dinner.

DynamEat provides a recomendation on the right price for every dish.

Using Machine Learning techniques.

Our AI will then provide a recomendation on the best menu visualization.

Which dishes to offer
In which order
Which dishes should have a better visibility to increase sales

Optimize your menu and secure the most profitability anytime, from anywhere.